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The Research Consortium stable can immediately and exponentially amplify the activity of the companies.

The corporate form of the consortium is a Ltd. with the share capital distributed among the members.


Join the Consortium Stable means getting the following benefits:

  • The companies maintain its own autonomy from the Permanente Consortium.
  • The Consortium provides the experience acquired over the years by the tender office as well as the high professionalism of the technical one, raising the the Company Consortiafrom any task for the completion of calls for tender.
  • The Consortium assists companies with various organizations and supports activities in the acquisition of coordination works.
  • The Consortium offers associates a highly organized system of finance, marketing and commercial dedicated to the acquisition and control of the market.
  • The Consortium through special agreements with large and small suppliers, allows consortium members to obtain products and services at lower costs than those of the market.

The Research Consortium stable has a very elastic structure, as it is formed by small and large companies, which can create connections between them by making available to the others their know-how.

Joining the Research Consortium means take advantage of these benefits working together and not lonely.

Registered Office:
Viale della Costituzione Centro Dir. Ed. G1
80143 NAPOLI

E-mail: info@consorzioresearch.it
Pec: research@pec.it

Vat. Number e Codice Fiscale: 05041951210
REA: NA–729343


Via Carlo A. Dalla Chiesa, 54
Tel.: +39 (0)81 528 36 75
Fax: +39 (0)81 010 36 75
Via Flaminia, 79
00196 ROMA
Tel.: +39 (0)6 94 44 39 59
Via Plinio,1
20129 MILANO
Tel.: +39 (0)2 42 10 73 83
Fax: +39 (0)2 42 10 89 83
Via dei Giardini, 12
67100 L’AQUILA
Tel.: +39 (0)862 196 51 43
Fax: +39 (0)862 196 04 83
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